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How Old Is This Tackle Bag?

Coach and player holding a 12 year old tackle bag which is still in use today!

Ms. Wang Dan, teacher & rugby coach of Liaoning Ke Ji University in the rural areas of north east China, 100kms off Shenyang, Liaoning Province. A former athlete, she was introduced to rugby 5 years ago and has grown to love the game.

Despite the non existent funding from the school, coach Wang has made it her personal goal to grow the game over the last few years. She coaches purely on a voluntary basis, taking time off her own schedule to coach the teams.

A good part of her salary goes to the rugby team in terms of purchasing equipment for them and the players also contribute costs when they have to travel. Occasionally, they do get small donations to cover their costs, but the main costs are borne by Ms. Wang. 

Ms. Wang is in her earlier 30’s and currently coaches both the  Men’s & Women’s teams from the University.

Even though she is married, she is afraid to have children as she is unsure if she can aford to raise them.

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