Superstars of Cape Town

The Superstars are a football club based within an informal settlement called Sweet Home Farm in Philippi, Cape Town. The community started in 1996 on a rubbish dump as a small expression of the wider urban migration from rural lands to the city. The community is greatly affected by more than 50% unemployment and other significant facets that impoverish informal communities. The ethos of the Superstars is to remind young boys that they don't live in a rubbish dump, they haven't been forgotten and that they are human beings.

The club started in 2010 with 8 boys who wanted to play football and it has grown into 3 teams - an under 13, U15 & U19.

As well as football coaching the sessions have also included life skills, homework clubs, discipleship, involvement in a football league and general excursions such as climbing the famous Table Mountain.

The entire group are always in dire need of new soccer boots. especially with the U19 side attempting to join a formal league this year. In 2014 active facilitation came to an end to ensure the power base of the club came from within. The aim is now to take on someone from the community to lead the coaching in a paid capacity.